Memories of a Great Hunting Dog

Every fortunate bird or waterfowl hunter should be blessed to enjoy the companionship and performance of at least one truly great hunting dog in his or her lifetime. I’ve been bountifully blessed to be owned by several. However, the best among them was Sadie. She was our first Lab and ended up hunting and/or competing in 29 states and 5 Canadian provinces. Belle, Huck, and Callie have been great dogs, too, but Sadie was something special. She also came into our lives when I was doing a lot of “on camera” hunting for North American Media Group productions, so she ended up with a lot of face-time on air. When she died, NAH Producer Terry Boeder produced this tribute for “Tales of the Hunt.” I know that someday I’ll hunt with Sadie again, because heaven can only really be heaven if it allows dogs! —Bill Miller

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  1. 27th January 2013 | Jody Kampmeier says: Reply
    Really enjoyed this video Bill. It's not hard to tell that Sadie loved sharing her life with you!

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