Hunting the T-Rex—Sci-fi for Us!

Hunting the T-Rex—Sci-fi for Us!

You may have guessed science fiction isn’t my preferred literary genre. Fact is, you can count on a corn-picker-cropped hand the number of sci-fi novels or short stories I’ve read in my lifetime. I can’t think of the last time there was an in-depth discussion of “Star Trek”  under the big pine. Except maybe somebody once wished for a transporter like they had on the Enterprise to put him in proximity to ol’ Mossy Horns, or to get back instantly from a tree stand in the freezing rain to the wood stove!

I’ve written before about what a wonderful wife I have, and I’ll write about it a lot more. We’ve been married for nearly 30 years and every one of them has been better than the previous. Without her support, I would never have accomplished or enjoyed one percent of the things I have.

She also keeps me aware of the bigger world.  Now and then she pulls back the blinders that would otherwise maintain my tunnel vision on hunting, fishing, shooting, camping, and more hunting. And mind you, I’m not always the most willing subject. There was the terrible snoring incident of ’93 at a George Winston Christmas concert from which she may never recover! (I was bow hunting early that morning, and I doubt I could have stayed awake standing up in the front row at a Rolling Stones concert!)

The other day a teacher friend of my wife’s passed along, of all things, a science fiction story she thought I’d enjoy. She questioned my wife,  “He’s into hunting, isn’t he?”

So my wife eased me into it. She laid the print out in the stack of mail she always sorts for me when I return home from a trip. While separating bills from the junk, I came across the document with the title A Sound of Thunder. “What’s this?” I asked.

“Have you ever read any Ray Bradbury?” she asked.

“He writes that science fiction garbage, doesn’t he?” I replied.

“Well, yes, he writes highly-regarded, classic science fiction, but Beth gave me an unusual piece she thought you might enjoy. I read it, and it’s really different. It’s about hunting.”

She knows how to hook me after all these years. I tucked the pages into my computer bag to read on my next trip. Well, I just finished it, and as much as it pains me to admit, it’s actually kind of cool. It’s literally about a safari back in time to hunt a T-Rex!

A Sound of Thunder is worth a read. It can almost be taken literally has a hunting story, but you can read a lot deeper into it, too. Ever heard of the “Butterfly Effect?”

I’m not going to tell any more because I might give it away. If or when you’re in the mood to expand your hunting horizons for 10 minutes, give it a read.

Thanks, honey!


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