My Favorite Hunting Knives – Part I

My Favorite Hunting Knives – Part I

Having been at this “hunting thing” for better than 40 years, and nearly 30 on the staff at a national magazine and television show about all about hunting, I’ve been blessed to collect a lot of hunting knives over the years—boxes and boxes of hunting knives to be exact. I’ve used most of them at least once—which shows how smart I am. Think how much more they’d be worth if they were all pristine!

Narrowing down from that multitude to a single “favorite” proves impossible, but with some serious considering, I am able to come up with a Top Three, one of which I, without question, carry on more big game hunts than any other to this day.  It has literally been around the world with me at least a couple times.

My Top Three hunting knives are:

  1. A fixed blade “Ag Brand” by Schrade Knife Company.  Its blade is 3 ¼ inches long.
  2. A fixed blade “K-2” by West-Cut in Boulder, Colorado. Its blade is 4 ¼ inches long.
  3. A folding double lock-back Remington R-3 with 2 blades each 3 ⅞ inches long.  One is a rip hook and saw, the other is a 440 stainless large clip blade.

Now I must admit the first two are sentimental favorites because of their heritage. The third is my “go to” knife for anything and everything I hunt or will hunt.

If you’d like to hear the stories behind these knives and why they make up my Top Three. Then check back for Part II to this story.


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