Video Under the Big Pine … The Real Deal

Video Under the Big Pine … The Real Deal

Folks have been asking me to tell them more about the hunting camp “under the big pine.” Well, quite a ways back, TV producer Terry Boeder and I went there and made a show about a homecoming deer hunt at the site of the old Waldo Gang Camp under the big pine at the first beaver pond at the headwaters of the KC Creek in Marinette County, Wisconsin. Then not long ago, I received an email from someone who had seen the old show posted up on YouTube. I’d forgotten it was out there. I took a look, and sure enough, it’s still there.

So that’s what this video is. Take ten minutes to give it a look, if you’re so inclined. It tells a lot of the cool things about the old camp, and the ways the “old guys” used to do stuff. And what still happens in Northern Wisconsin deer camps come the Saturday before Thanksgiving each fall.


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  1. 17th May 2013 | Mark says: Reply
    This video hits home for me. I still hunt the same place where where I learned how to hunt. The same place where my dad and all his buddies gathered deer season after deer season. Many meals enjoyed over an open fire and and so much learned about more than just hunting. Well dad is gone and so is most of the gang that hunted the area. I still hunt with my dads best friend, who is now mine. I learned how to navigate the area by the geography, and seldom look at a compass. When I come across one of the old stands or blinds I always stop and think about the old gang. Dad was taken too soon, but when I walk those woods it is like he is still here. So many rich memories from a place that probably means nothing to most. Thank you for this video. Regards Mark Fitzgerald

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